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360 Anesthesia’s Commitment to Quality Anesthesia Care

Delivering Exceptional Patient Care and Measurable Clinical and Operational Results

Patient safety and quality of care are our top priorities.  The ability to demonstrate we make an impactful difference in patient care begins with data.  Our clinical informatics team leverages a state-of-the-art, proprietary data capture, aggregation, visualization, and analytics system to support our continuous performance improvement effort.

360 Anesthesia Quality Metrics: Excellence in Action

To ensure we provide patients with the best care possible, we monitor more than 20 quality and safety indicators on every perioperative procedure. Just as important, our anesthesia providers utilize a multi-modal pain management model to drastically reduce opioid use while minimizing side effects experienced after surgery.

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Pain management for Total Joint Programs ranking in the 95th percentile nationally.

Day of surgery cancellation rate at .07%

FCOTS above 92% across all sites

Post-op nausea and vomiting rate at .023%

Our intentional focus to improves KPIs, enhances the quality of care for patients, and reduces pre, intra, and post-surgery risks while shortening length of stay. This approach optimizes patient satisfaction and lowers your costs.


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A New Standard in Anesthesia Services

Experience unmatched patient care and enhanced operational efficiency with 360 Anesthesia.
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What Surgeons Say About 360 Anesthesia

The anesthesia team is an absolute pleasure to work with on a daily basis. They take amazing care of my patients. Often my patients will return to clinic post operatively describing their experience stating that they had little to no nausea or vomiting after their procedure, and after their regional anesthetic blocks they had long lasting pain control that lasted longer than expected.  I’ve had nothing but great experience working with the anesthesia team and consider them wonderful colleagues to work with on a daily basis. They are making a great positive impact on my experience, and most importantly the patients. 


Foot & Ankle Surgery

360 Anesthesia has provided anesthesia services of all types over the last several years for my foot surgery cases. They have a professional approach to patient care, are very thorough, and I feel completely comfortable with their patient management. They are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. I have complete confidence in all of their providers to safely and effectively manage my patients from an anesthesia standpoint during any type of surgical procedure that I am doing. I would trust them to do anesthesia on myself or a family member.

J.S. Deacon, D.P.M.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

I have worked with 360 Anesthesia for a year now in a critical access hospital. I have one or two regulars, but have worked with several others for fill in days. My practice ranges from simple endoscopy to colon resections. I have found all of 360A’s providers to be top notch. They have solid backing for their actions, and consult with me on all their decisions regarding my patients. I would recommend without hesitation.

D. Johnson, MD

General Surgery